Residential design – from living space to lifestyle choice

With a plethora of high-end residential properties emerging throughout the North-West and the country, a shift in both design and general purpose has become evident. No longer are apartments providing simply a place to reside. These deluxe complexes provide the facilities of a hotel and more – offering a place to entertain, work, exercise and of course live. The lines between the hospitality and residential world are blurring and people now look for more from the place they call home.

Work-Life Balance

One huge influence behind this shift has been the move to more hybrid working situations. Many employees now offer the option of working part, if not all, of the week remotely. This factor, paired with people’s desire to get a better Work-Life balance has left residential design with a challenge. Design must be functional and efficient. Amenities are desired 24 hours a day and technology must be reliable. Ensuring that residents have a workspace they feel functional in, yet also have a living space retreat they can disconnect and relax in – is a fine balancing act. Design must be thoughtful. Spaces should be crafted and sectioned subtly with a natural flow running throughout.

Photography: Moda Living – Angel Gardens

Luxury vs sustainable

 Unsurprisingly, there are many other balancing acts in these new properties, aimed to provide the perfect living environment. Interior designers face the task of creating spaces that reflect the client’s wishes – many desiring the luxury of a hotel with grand bathrooms and large floodlit spaces. However, the expectation and responsibility of providing this sustainably leads to the search for new sources and technology. Developers and designers alike are embracing water conservation and recycling opportunities, eco furnishings, automated technology to minimise energy wastage and ensuring outdoor garden spaces are provided.

Photography: Oxygen – Alliance City Living

It’s a lifestyle thing

 The lifestyle experience is a key selling point. A focus on wellness and a feeling of being pampered is central to the design. 24/7 concierge, cleaning services, babysitting and dog walking all provide that human touch – offering people alongside the place.  It’s clear in the 32-storey Oxygen development by the Property Alliance Group, that wellness has been thoughtfully considered. They describe their thoughts behind mindful design, “We believe that architecture and interior design can be a force for good, and have created a variety of configurations, colour schemes and moods at Oxygen to meet different social, physical and psychological needs.”[1]. A key focus has also been creating a space people want to remain and feel happy in, “This holistic approach to development is also woven through the stunning communal areas at Oxygen which are designed to create an environment and atmosphere where residents can put down roots and thrive.”[2]. Offering a place which provides for both your mental and physical needs – allowing you room to reflect and grow – are qualities residents will be drawn to and look for.

Come together

 Above all factors, however, the overriding drive behind so many of these new residential properties is to bring a sense of community. To create a place people can feel part of something. From BBQ terraces, bars and restaurants – to sporting groups and shared workspaces – these places are designed to bring people together. It takes only a look at the Capital and Centric website, describing their Kampus development, to realise how important the surrounding community is to them. As part of the package, a large section on ‘the neighbourhood’ is showcased. Photographs and details of local eateries, bakeries, bars, breweries, local stores and even dog grooming facilities are proudly displayed – selling a community lifestyle. Residential property has evolved to something much bigger than merely the walls that surround you. Instead, it has become the lifestyle – the facilities, the opportunities, the escapism and evidently, the surrounding community.


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