Exploring the new museums on the scene

2022 brings with it a flurry of new museums around the world, with striking architecture and upgraded extensions there seem to be no limits. Design has been taken to the next level and the use of the exterior to reflect the interior is clear. Below are some of our favourites.

A museum that builds itself

Robot Science Museum, Seoul

This fascinating museum is scheduled to open in South Korea at the end of 2022. It portrays a rich exchange between robots and machinery – with the museum actually being constructed with the help of drones and robots. In this construction, the role of humans was more of a monitoring one. This museum proudly showcases the latest technology from virtual reality to holograms.

Check it out and read more about its designers

Stepping forward in time

Museum of the Future, Dubai

At the beginning of 2022 Dubai added this incredible addition to its landscape. Built over seven floors, this striking structure is designed to look like an eye – peering into the future. It is referred to as a ‘living museum’ and offers an immersive theatre, themed attractions and more traditional exhibitions alongside. As the name suggests, this museum is designed to highlight the opportunities that await us in the future.

Hidden in history

Musee de Cluny Middle Ages, Paris

In May 2022 the museum reopened to the public. Located in the Latin Quarter it sits comfortably in its surroundings. With the Roman thermal baths at its heart, the upgraded entrance blends the modern and existing structure beautifully. The cast-iron aluminium cladding offers an ever-changing colour depending on the sun’s position and works in contrast with the current brickwork. A redesigned exhibit provides visitors with a totally barrier-free experience.

Read about its renovations

The bigger picture

Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo

This Norwegian national museum opened in June 2022 – it has earnt the title of hosting the largest art collection in the Nordic region. With over 5,000 pieces it’s sure to have a lot to look at. It also contains the famous piece “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. The museum is part of a FutureBuilt programme set to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and develop carbon-neutral areas around Norway.

Photo: Sydney Modern Museum / SANAA

Sustainability showcased

Sydney Modern Project

The transformation of the existing Art Gallery of New South Wales is set to almost double the current exhibition space. It aims to connect the two buildings, including the outside gardens. It will combine both indoor and outdoor space allowing both the landscape and architecture to complement one another.  The use of rainwater, solar power and green roofs make it one of Australia’s greenest builds – achieving 6-star Green Star design rating.

Photo: Hello Future: Manchester Museum

Close to home

Manchester Museum – hellofuture

One to look forward to. Set to reopen in February 2023 the Manchester Museum has added to not only its physical footprint but to its overall mission as a museum. The £15 million project is designed to develop a better understanding of empathy, inclusion and respect for all. As the world’s first Carbon Literate Museum, it continues to focus on sustainability using many reused and recycled materials in its construction. The new and renovated areas included the Exhibition Hall designed to explore the ‘big ideas’, the belonging gallery focusing on belonging and inclusion – showcasing a global comic art collection, the Chinese Culture Gallery, The South Asia Gallery and The Top Floor – a place where the community come together and collaborate with teaching studios and pop-up exhibitions.  Find out more

With such a variety of museums opening in 2022 it’s hard to narrow the list down – so here are a few others to check out…

  • Grand Egypt museum, Giza
  • Museum of Broadway, NY
  • Hong Kong Palace Museum
  • The Fellini Museum, Rimini, Italy
  • MoMu, Antwerp, Belgium

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