Courteney first discovered her passion for interiors whilst studying architecture at university, inspired by the ever-expanding possibilities of interior design.

Recognising a growing need for bolder design principles, she embarked on her journey with Scene with a simple, singular vision – to create boundary-shifting interior spaces.

Combining her eclectic range of artistic influences with her intimate knowledge of ground-breaking product design from around the world, she brings her trademark passion and originality to every scheme.

About Scene

Scene sets out to create the most original and inspiring places, which will not only grab the attention of the users, but leave a long-lasting and positive memory of their experience through unique interior design of commercial and high-end residential spaces.

The capacity to produce original schemes, above any other designers, will be achieved through constant research, to discover bespoke, unique, non-mainstream suppliers and curate a vast collection of these suppliers, across various disciplines. From furniture, art and accessories, to joinery, sculptures and lighting installations as well as scenting a space.

Ready to cause a Scene?