Social Scene

We believe interior design has the power to make a big difference, not only by creating exceptional spaces, but by positively impacting the communities it serves. At Scene, we’ve put social purpose at the heart of our business and we’re on mission to drive change. We’re exploring new ways to tackle some of society’s oldest challenges, from climate change to youth inequality to social disadvantage.

“We’ve put social purpose at the heart of our business.” -Courteney Kiely

Climate Emergency

The building sector currently generates 40 per cent of all global carbon emissions, with population growth and increasing urbanisation creating even greater demand.

We believe sustainable design should fully embrace interior spaces, with furnishings, accessories and coverings – as well as space design – all playing their part in a building’s environmental performance.

Our team works with manufacturers and suppliers with the highest environmental and ethical standards to help reduce a building’s carbon emissions.

Youth Inequality

Bringing fresh young talent into our industry is essential if we’re to keep pushing creative boundaries. Yet it’s almost impossible for young people to find a gateway into interior design without significant experience.

We believe in creating career opportunities for school, college and university leavers to help unlock their creative potential for the benefit of our clients.

We’re currently working with stakeholders to develop the industry’s first professionally recognised apprenticeship, creating a new pathway into interior design for 16-18 year olds.

Social Disadvantage

Our industry’s most ambitious schemes are often found in the world’s leading hotels, residential developments and leisure spaces.

We believe that quality interior design should be accessible to all, regardless of social background.

That’s why we’re currently working on a pro bono basis with schools in disadvantaged areas across the North West. Our goal is to develop amenity spaces capable of inspiring young minds whilst helping address the mental health epidemic affecting school-age children.

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